Friday, December 24, 2010

Bribe or Warnig

It use to be normal practice of parents to either Bribe their children or warn them to do or not do something.

Hey!!!! I am not complaning.

I had always observed parents, to avoid the hazzels at particular time, they agree to what ever kids say be it choclate, toys etc. Is it right?

After sometime parents start complaing that kids don't listen to us.
Tell me who is reponsible for that.

A 3 month kid starts understanding things.

Initially, parents think they are young and understand with time, But kids start understanding how they can make parents do what they want and so is the result.

Instead we can understand what is the kids passion and use that as a tool.

so they will feel special instead of dejected, and also ur work go on.

I do the same but diffrently.

My kido love the song Azeemo shan sehansha.
She say it "chemo shan sehensha" and crazy for it (thanks to all the people.
I dont need to bribe her for choclates instead for the song that,
" if u obey me i will play the song",
" and if i need to warn, I will not play it"
Smart na.

And second colors

ya, that's correct, she loves coloring. so the second bribe is color book and colors.

So u must be thinking, "what a lucky mom!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids and Manners!!! Possible?

Kids @#
Sometimes, at public place, they makes us feel as we had'nt taught them manners at all.
And sometimes, as if they are more mannered then us.
Something like that also happen with me. (Pity on me)

At the cake shop,
We bought pastries (she love it)
When we finished (she was not finished), I suggested lets move, and spontaneously she interupted,

Jhota chod kar jayenge kya? (as if complaning)
App to bole the na the jhota nahi chodte?

I was shocked! everybody was listening to her.
I replied, car mein finish kar lena?
she replied angrily (as if saying apko itna bhi nahi pata),
chalte chalte khana achi baat hoti hai kya?

I thought it is better to let her finish.

Then she noticed the empty cup in my hand and said,
"Mammy kachra dustbin mein dalthe hain. Apka hai na jao dal kar aoo."
I stood up angrily thinking, thanks for teaching me manners.

When she was stuffed, (1/4 th pastry was left)
She said, " mammy bacche cake nahi khate".

Every body end up laughing.
And I can't resist sharing it with you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Three year old now

Kids !!!
Oh god !!
At times Amazing,
Other moment interesting,
The very next moment , sooooo irritating ( so many questions, sometimes, so logical but difficult to answer)
And then, suddenly so lovely and talkative,
Great Charmer,
Time just flew away with them.

I don't know about all the kids.
I think every parents feel that their kids are angels but by the age of three,
They end up yelling and punishing them all the time.
For sure I also yell and punish her but some time and not all.
She is three now .
Of course, she make noise, naughty and once promised, it must be fulfilled.
May be this is the reason she cooperate, because she knew,
She will get great rewards.

Always reward your kids for their good,
And sometime, let them have what they want ( chocolates, toys, etc.) with a smile(and without saying no apparently).
You will see a lovely smile on your kid's face which you always want to capture for ever.
You will be so fulfilled and wish, the moment should stop to live it to the fullest.
you will definitely see the long term effect of it.
Believe me!!
I experimented it.
It really works.

Friday, July 9, 2010

That's all folk

Did these words remind you of something?Think!!!
Oh no, you can't forget @#
Try once again.
Got it !
Tom and Jerry
Mickey mouse
Donald duck and so many.

Do remember watching all those cartoons which make no sense but still fun.
How about trying it now.

Just forget about the inflation and see tom running behind jerry.
Just forget what BCCI and Modi are doing and see how brave choota bheem is.
Just forget the project report to be finished, and watch Balganesha.

These day were there are always deadline, meetings and project reports.
Got tired of it na.
Get a escape for sometime and watch cartoons.

You will be in the new world which says "THAT'S ALL FOLKS".

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who is Strong?

I wonder why this society give preference to man.
His Dreams (what ever it is)
His feelings (Even is does no justice to others)
His thinking ( Even if it is incorrect)
But he is the leader, the only reason because he is strong.
" STRONG" - Really?
Does it mean emotional strength too?
I don't think so.
Because emotionally they are not as strong as a women.
Every time they need someone around them to share there problem and tensions.
Unlike a women who deals with her part of problems on her own and still ready to share the problems of the male community as much as she can, be, he is her father, brother, husband or a friend.
At the same time when she need their support, the same male community raise finger on her.
If she weakens on one of her duties, she get the sentence of incapable of fullfilling the responsibilities.
In most of cases a man so easily moves for another lady support.
Again he can't survive without support than how is he strong.
It is well said, " Behind every successful man there is a Women".
Also behind every successful women there is a man but in a negative way.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every religion speaks the same thing
Rewards or sufferings are the result of our own karma chakra.

I think it is true bcoz everybody's struggle, pain, suffering, rewards etc. are differrent from the other person, and karma Chakra can be the only reason for it. I don't think anything else can justify it.

But I wonder how this circle started?

Every religion and guru says about moksha as the ultimate goal of a soul. But I have another question, How a soul is formed?
When it got started?
How a soul got caught in the vicious circle of Karma Chakra?
What was the souls first act, when it steped in this circle?
Ultimate goal is moksha but, Where it came from?

I wonder who taught this world about that?

When I was a kid, I wonder how this earth formed?
Who were the firsts human being?
Although science answer that, but still there are some questions unanswered!!!

This Karma chakra so vicious and complex. A chakraview
Like Abhimanu, we know how to get in, But we need to be like Arjun,
we have to learn to come out of it too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am Sorry

Today after a long time I came to my best friends - Kagaz n Kalam.

I know, both of you are angry at me.
I took a long break, but I am sorry, I was so busy.
But today I want to be with you again, because you are my true friends.
No body else understands me better than you do. Thanks and promise me to be with me always.

U know I don’t have a specific thought today to talk about with you.
Instead, so many thoughts flowing in my mind which I am unable to line up.
I know, this is bcoz both of you are punishing me for being with you after a long time.

Plz plz plz forgive me this time.
I can't forget how you have stand by me on my tough moment,
Promise me to be the same for ever.
Thank you

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aim of Life

Do you ever thought, What is the aim of a person's life?

Sometimes I wonder where are we heading ?

What we want?

What we want to achieve?


You must be thinking what rubbish!!!

I know what I want.

May be true.

But did u ever gave a thought what next, ONCE your aim if fullfilled?

According to you the answer is simple,

Let me achieve this first and then I will think next.

But wait a minute, give a thought to it………………..

What is aim of your life?

For an average Indian, education and a reputed job.

When that is achieved, what next?

For sometime a person get absorbed completely by his/her achievement.

But after sometime, the person want something more to carve for, so got married.

And now a completely new aim set, earn for family, make them happy.

But this won't seem enough, then again there is silence in life which need a baby to be filled with and life goes on like that.

I remember an episode of Alladin (cartoon series by disney), Where Alladin and princess came across a captain who travel in a cruise in the air, searching for a whale who have treasure in its body .

With great effort, they catch her. But then the captain realize that, to catch the whale is aim of his life. So he release her again, to give his life reason to live for.

In simple language, aim is the reason to live. Someone have big and other small.

But everybody have one, which is a reason in the form of blood in the body of Life.

So, what is your Aim? Be it small but have one.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Vision of Life - Colors

Today is "Holi", the festival of "colors".

So many colors.

White, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, RED!!!

But do you ever thought of what are the meanings of colors in a person's life!!!

Lets take the color RED it is symbol of



Marriage (सुहाग)

On the other way, it is also symbol of





The color is one but vision is different.

Life's personal experience is what, which create vision of life ,

Every thing has two phase constructive of distructive.

Nobody is self responsible for its vision, there are situations, surroundings, family and …..

We can just hope that every one should have the constructive vision of life with lots of colors.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything Happens for Good

I have always been a firm believer of EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR GOOD.

And from time to time fate proved me correct.

I think in everybody's life it happens,

what is required is vision to see that, the glass is half full and not half empty. Person who see glass is half full can always learn from what happened and move on. And the person who only see glass as half empty always stick up in a place and can not fight for the betterment.

I know so many people argue how can this happen? If u fell down in a pathway, then how can it is good. But it is good. Because you learn keep your eyes on the pathway also so that you should not fell down from where u can not come out. One suffering always make u cautious of another , also make u brave to be prepared if u miss it.

If someone betrayed your trust, then also it is your fault, because u don't know whom to trust and whom not, Learn from it.

Learn whom you should trust and whom u should rely.

Don't give anybody next, the chance to betray you. So the glass is half full.

Always there is a way out for everything. Just keep your eyes open and the door will open.

Learn from your mistakes and move on. It is Life

It is a personal experience.