Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Now a days i started feeling fear atsome corner of my heart all the time.
Life taught me enough that "One get what he deserve not less than that not more than that" this is the ultimate truth of life.
But we keep on fighting for betterment,
We keep on fighting to make life good,
To achieve all our dreams,
To accomplish what want,
But we reach there, there starts a "fear of losing"
Losing the loved ones,
Fear that anything can happens,
Each and every moment trying to get over it.
Now I realise how brave the womens are who sen their son or husband to war.
May be I am getting a little over protective.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Q & Happiness

Sometimes I found a strong correlation between questions and Happiness.

It feels like when there are clouds of sorrow there are so many questions.

Where as when there is light of happiness everything seems perfect.

No flaws, No worries, No tension.

But occassionally light fades and again come the clouds of sorrow waiting for a ray
of hope to clear those clouds and bring in the light of happiness.

This is Life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sometimes I dont understand what is this all for?
Why we run all the time behind "MATERIAL THINGS"?
Why is this "Greed"?
OR why it is always that we have everything we need, but not what we want?
Even if that is not so big, may be just emotions, no money need to buy that.

Why always there is something which human complain?
Why we always lack something to make others happy?
Why we always complain even after others put all the efforts they can, to make us happy?
May be because we evaluate others from our eyes and others always do what they think is right rather than finding out what their loved ones want?
What make that person happy?

The whole emotional drama is for happiness,
We put efforts everyday but remain unsuccessful.
I think te whole game is of
BUT, all one gets is criticism for NOT being
Is this true? if everyone carves for the same?
Questions are so much and answer are none.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It Happens

Today i am feeling SAD, Upset, angry and .......I dont know...
My kido and hubby is asking what happen to you.....Did we did something to make u angry?
No! Then Why am I Upset? I dont know!!!
Am I angry on someone?
Am I annoyed of someone?
Am I Upset of something?
I want answere........
I am feeling horrible, restless, as if, I did something wrong!
As if, I betrayed someone!
As if I left someone behind! Whom I should be with!!!
Actually Breathless.......
Why? I don't know
It is late night, rainy outside and dark in my heart....
The best place I felt at this time is near window........
Generally, I don't open that window, a nice sitting place is there.....
Cold wind touched my skin and I felt as if it touched me within, slowly-slowly it reached my heart, embraced it, which was feeling dark.
And all of sudden it lighten up.
I closed my eyes and felt as if, I am flying in wind and met the lost friend...
Yes, I realised, the one I betrayed is "me".
The one who always helped me to perform my duties as mother, wife, friend, professional and many more characters, I forgot her.....
In performing my duties I just keep on expecting form her and gave her nothing in return.
Today, when she got tired and sick...I cant do a single thing...
I am nothing without her......and I forgot her?
But now onwards.....I will do my best to keep her happy, cheer her up, do things she like...and always hold her hand where ever I go....I will stop if she is tired....
Today I commit to Myself as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"SUICIDE" Act of a weak moment.

Today, I got a bad news.

Suicide of a person with his daughter, whom i knew.
This is a shaking news.

What have had happened to him,
which made him took such hard step,
Harder, taking his daughter with him?
Should I address him as a killer or a weak father.

It take a moment to end a life

"Suicide", Act of a weak moment.
A moment when a person think, that his world came to an end,
When he don't have the courage to live with the current situations,
When he thinks, that for his loved ones material things are more important than him,
When he think there is no one, who love him, no one who bother for him,

May be this is the strongest reason of all, which act as a catalyst in a weak moment, to take the hardest decision.
Because every human being want to be loved and cared by our loved ones.

What a tragedy of life that, a person's world consist of few peoples, and at times, it become so difficult to get loved by those people.

Is this can be solution of all problems?

I think, a person do such kind of thing when he/she lost his thinking power.

I pray to God, even at worse situation nobody could lose his/her thinking capacity.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


As a grown up it is so easy to define.
But still to everybody it has different meaning.
some people think good looks is beauty,
for some beauty is fair color and long hairs,
for some beauty is being attractive even without sharp features or fair color,
for some, it is attitude.

But what a kid think of a beauty?

When i was a kid, and some one claim, she is beautiful.
I use to stare that girl and try to find out, what is beauty?
she also have two eyea, one nose, two ears etc.
What is so diffrent, to be beautiful?
i use to ask everybody what does beautiful means.

even now some times i dont understand, What does beauty mean to a particular person.

But i think it is more depend on liking to someone, their nature, their behavior to others, their attitude to carry themselves etc.
Does good looks, fair color and slim figure is beauty?

Oh god!!!!!!!!!

Still it is difficult to answer.

Can anyone help me????????

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bribe or Warnig

It use to be normal practice of parents to either Bribe their children or warn them to do or not do something.

Hey!!!! I am not complaning.

I had always observed parents, to avoid the hazzels at particular time, they agree to what ever kids say be it choclate, toys etc. Is it right?

After sometime parents start complaing that kids don't listen to us.
Tell me who is reponsible for that.

A 3 month kid starts understanding things.

Initially, parents think they are young and understand with time, But kids start understanding how they can make parents do what they want and so is the result.

Instead we can understand what is the kids passion and use that as a tool.

so they will feel special instead of dejected, and also ur work go on.

I do the same but diffrently.

My kido love the song Azeemo shan sehansha.
She say it "chemo shan sehensha" and crazy for it (thanks to all the people.
I dont need to bribe her for choclates instead for the song that,
" if u obey me i will play the song",
" and if i need to warn, I will not play it"
Smart na.

And second colors

ya, that's correct, she loves coloring. so the second bribe is color book and colors.

So u must be thinking, "what a lucky mom!"