Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aaj Main Badi Ho Gayi

My little angel is Two year old now

She grew up in a cute, beautiful, intelligent , hard working, Loving and most important CARING.

You might be thinking what are the words I am using for her are too big for the age of her, but she deserve it.

CUTE - Because it is god gifted to her,

BEAUTIFUL - As I described,

INTELLIGENT - She is a fast learner, any thing once told will be saved in the memory bank with definition and process and any deviation from it will not be allowed. Then she will say -

बोली इसको ऐसे नहीं करते हैं, मम्मी ने बोली थी, हांsssssssss

HARDWORKING - She like doing her work on her own, like putting her utensils to wash basins, cloths on place, shoes on place and also help me in my work as much as she can. When I say no, she replies,

"आज मैं बड़ी हो गयी" and if she is unable to do something, she comes to me and say

"मम्मी आप कर दो मैं अभी छोटी हूँ|"

LOVING and CARING - While I do my work, she come to me and say, "मैं आपकी HELP करूं"

A small incidence took place

I was sleeping and she was playing, I slept without taking my blanket.

After 5 min she came and spread her blanket (Her blanket is very important to her because she can sleep without me but not her blanket) over me, without thinking what I wil have.

I was so touched, that how much she love and care for me that she has given me her most precious thing of life. And thought came to mind

"आज तू सच में बड़ी हो गई"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Naam - Ek Pehchan ya???????

Some one said , नाम में क्या रखा है?

And instantly the thought came to my mind is, "Everything".

Do you ever thought what is the impact of name in someone's personality and Life?

I think like few things which are decided by God and not we, name is also one among that.

Slowly person's thinking, behavior, character bear the characterstics of it name.

"NAME" - which create an instant picture of a person in stranger's mind.

A picture which is very much inspired by the characterstics of the name of the person.

At times it is positive and at times negative.

It help to give person, a beginning.

And good beginning leads to work half done.

The whole run in the world is for name sake.

A person can fulfill his necessity easily but, he keep on running to establish his name in the society.

This marathon race does not ends with the establishment of the name.

The next stage is to add fame with the name.

And then to maintain it to the height.

The passion for the fame make a man blind and deaf, that neither he can see the pain nor listen to the heart of those who are supporting him in this endless marathon race.


Why a person cant stop bothering about his name and society, instead think about the happiness of the near and dear one. Don't ask them to sacrifice their wishes for name sake.

Imagine - How beautiful this world will be without the NAME factor.

But it can't happen because NAME is EVERYHTING