Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are You Newly Engaged?

Surprised? Why this lady always have Quesiton?

Because Life is a search for answer of Questions, So many questions.

So, here comes the next.

Actually right now there are newly engaged couples around me.

Living in the clouds of dreams,

So happy,

So much in Love,

It seems as if made for each other,

Can see only good things.

As if , were waiting for so many births to meet each other.


Have you ever thought, why the heart felt that way after engagement?

The Heart, which always waiting for true love, all of sudden feel like the search is over, as if the picture of the beloved is complete now.

Heart, which is like a "wild horse", unable to control, free, strong, want to wander as per his own will, whom more you want to control, more it will rebel.

Heart, whose nature is rebeltion, When there use to be restriction, that time also it can't be controlled, then, think what happen when the wild horse is free.


It will get crazzzzy with happiness,

Run in any direction without restriction,

Will talk with air and clouds, unable to land on Earth.

Keep on running till unable to give sufficient air to the lungs.

It is same with the Heart.

But hold on!

Don't let it run till its last breath, otherwise Life and marriage will lose its charm.

Let it pick up speed, but with steadiness, so the horse can run long race and not a short one.

Keep mind open with heart because heart won't have mind.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daughter a things associated with Name and Fame?

In Indian society, we always watch the same scene as in the serial -"12/24 Karol Bagh"

Daughter ready to sacrifice , actually not ready instead she scarifies her feelings, emotions and happiness for the sake of family, which she thinks is her duty because they gave birth to her, bring her up and so she owe them, Do the boy thinks the same?

Since childhood, Parents put in her mind that,

" WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH"(शायद सच)

You are the replica of godess (most of the case "Laxmi"- यहाँ भी स्वार्थ!!!)

Its only your happiness which we are concerned about and nothing else is important in our life. (Really?)

But we request you one thing, please never do any such thing which will be a dark spot in our name and fame. (अब आया ऊँठ पहाड़ के नीचे)
Otherwise we will die.
अहसानों के नीचे दब गयी बेचारी)

If anything happen which is against families name and fame, What about your younger brother and sister future? (emotional Blackmailing)

And it really works. The daughter shoulder the burden of carrying name and fame of the family.

But I never understood, whether parents are worried about their daughters Life and Happiness or their prestige. Because if they care for daughters wishes then never ask her to give sacrifices, and if they concern about their prestige ask them to sacrifice their daughter's life then where is the LOVE?

GOD!!! What parents really want?

May be the return to give life her life, bringing her up, educating her and then marrying her.

There is one more question in my mind, If everything is given by them, what about the Karma chakra which says everyone gets everything because of its own fate?

I think parents must think once again what they have given to their daughter and in return what they are asking for, at the same time compare it with a boy' s thinking and what they put in his mind.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everything Happens for Good

I have always been a firm believer of EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR GOOD.

And from time to time fate proved me correct.

I think in everybody's life it happens,

what is required is vision to see the glass is half full and not half empty. Person who see glass is half full can always learn from what happened and move on. And the person who only see glass as half empty always stick up in a place and can not fight for the betterment.

I know so many people argue how can this happen? If u fell down in a pathway, then how can it is good. But it is good. Because you learn keep your eyes on the pathway also so that you should not fell down from where u can not come out. One suffering always make u cautious of another , also make u brave to be prepared if u miss it.

If someone betrayed your trust, then also it is your fault, because u don't know whom to trust and whom not, Learn from it,

Learn whom you should trust and whom u should rely.

Don't give anybody next, the chance to betray you. So the glass is half full.

Always there is a way out for everything. Just keep your eyes open and the door is open.

Learn from your mistakes and move on

It is a personal experience.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Friend

Friendship, the most beautiful relationship between two person,

without the competition of give and take.

Without the feeling of mine,

Without the smell of meanness,

Without the touch of shrewdness.

Without the intention of return.

Everybody wants, there should be a person in Life,

Whose name comes first in the mind when u need someone.

Who is the person you can rely blindly

Whom you feel is the one who understand your feelings as they are,

Who have faith on you, that you are right,

Who won't question your intention because he know you well,

In front of whom you won't hesitate to speak your heart.

With whom you want to share each and every thing happened be it happiness or sorrow.

Who believe in you.

A person who raise his hand for help without thinking for a moment that what will be the result

When you are in a Quagmire(दलदल), he will give his hand for help knowing that my hand will get dirty and my cloths will get spotted with the mud. Even this quagmire can take him in it.

The quagmire of situations, emotions and conditions, which is worse than the quagmire of sand.

because the quagmire of sand will take life in one instance but this one will won't let the person die but keep on suffer.

The only person who can do this is the BEST FRIEND.

Think do you have such person in Life???

Thank God I have One.

Treasure of Inspiration pass on

After I cleared First level of my studied, I was 18.

My achievement was not a very great one, but it was after great difficulties, because I belong to a orthodox joint family where girls are associated more with name and fame than considering them as living being. So my victory was great,

Then there was a meeting of Lions club , where they asked me how I managed to do that?

I asked my father to answer because he was the one who pass on the treasure of words and inspiration to me which was given to him by my grandfather, when he was pursuing his exam. He was having tears in his eyes .

He felt, in any case I will not be through this exam. I thought the same when I was preparing for my exams. My father wrote me a letter which say -


We bless you for your success,

you know I was in same trauma when I was with my traning as you are now. When people love us so much and rely on us, so much, we feel the fear of putting them down. We feel can we will prove them correct? But this is the moment where you have to work hard and not think about the result. Give your 100% and for rest, god is there. This is what my father said to me when I was in my tranning because I felt I can't do it.

Just put your efforts and forget the result, even if you will flunck you will taste the failure which will enhance the taste of success and the urge to achieve it. Thus you are at no loss, only profit.

Both the sides of the coin, you are the winner.

And I know you will win.

With love

Your father

And believe I WON.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Relationship - Marriage

"Marriage or relationship is a dance in which two lives go with the rhythm in full swing, holding each other with passion, caring each other with love. Unknowingly matching the foot steps of each other, without hurting. So much engrosed in each other that the rest of the world get stagnant for them"

Wow!!! Marriage is so beautiful with Love

Love and Marriage.

When they compliment each other, Life is as fresh as the morning dew.

When both of them walk hand in hand they get unite and become the "great wall" which stand still and strong infront of the world, All the problems and difficulties get tired of them and step back with faliur.

Together they are so strong and elastic. Can expand, shrink, hard, soft, rough and velvety, everything.

Every couple, about to enter into this relationship or those who are new in it think like this.

Wait a minute, but what is the reality?????

Is it that beautiful as the un experienced persons think ???

The answer is simple "No".

Marriage is not only a sweet dish, instead a complete meal,

Where there are so many dishes like so many people to affect the couple's life,

With so many tastes like so many situations to test with,

With so many pickles and chutneys like feelings and emotions to enhance its flavors.

Love is dream land which talks only about two people in Love.

Where as, Marriage is the Land of reality which say Love is not everything, it is a basic ingredient of the dish of LIFE, It need the help of others flavors also, like




Caring ,



Mutual understanding,


And one of the most important thing is keeping the ego out of it (actually here roots of the problem lies)

Trust me!!!