Sunday, October 18, 2009

Treasure of Inspiration pass on

After I cleared First level of my studied, I was 18.

My achievement was not a very great one, but it was after great difficulties, because I belong to a orthodox joint family where girls are associated more with name and fame than considering them as living being. So my victory was great,

Then there was a meeting of Lions club , where they asked me how I managed to do that?

I asked my father to answer because he was the one who pass on the treasure of words and inspiration to me which was given to him by my grandfather, when he was pursuing his exam. He was having tears in his eyes .

He felt, in any case I will not be through this exam. I thought the same when I was preparing for my exams. My father wrote me a letter which say -


We bless you for your success,

you know I was in same trauma when I was with my traning as you are now. When people love us so much and rely on us, so much, we feel the fear of putting them down. We feel can we will prove them correct? But this is the moment where you have to work hard and not think about the result. Give your 100% and for rest, god is there. This is what my father said to me when I was in my tranning because I felt I can't do it.

Just put your efforts and forget the result, even if you will flunck you will taste the failure which will enhance the taste of success and the urge to achieve it. Thus you are at no loss, only profit.

Both the sides of the coin, you are the winner.

And I know you will win.

With love

Your father

And believe I WON.

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