Thursday, October 8, 2009

Relationship - Marriage

"Marriage or relationship is a dance in which two lives go with the rhythm in full swing, holding each other with passion, caring each other with love. Unknowingly matching the foot steps of each other, without hurting. So much engrosed in each other that the rest of the world get stagnant for them"

Wow!!! Marriage is so beautiful with Love

Love and Marriage.

When they compliment each other, Life is as fresh as the morning dew.

When both of them walk hand in hand they get unite and become the "great wall" which stand still and strong infront of the world, All the problems and difficulties get tired of them and step back with faliur.

Together they are so strong and elastic. Can expand, shrink, hard, soft, rough and velvety, everything.

Every couple, about to enter into this relationship or those who are new in it think like this.

Wait a minute, but what is the reality?????

Is it that beautiful as the un experienced persons think ???

The answer is simple "No".

Marriage is not only a sweet dish, instead a complete meal,

Where there are so many dishes like so many people to affect the couple's life,

With so many tastes like so many situations to test with,

With so many pickles and chutneys like feelings and emotions to enhance its flavors.

Love is dream land which talks only about two people in Love.

Where as, Marriage is the Land of reality which say Love is not everything, it is a basic ingredient of the dish of LIFE, It need the help of others flavors also, like




Caring ,



Mutual understanding,


And one of the most important thing is keeping the ego out of it (actually here roots of the problem lies)

Trust me!!!

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