Sunday, September 20, 2009

Koshish means Keep Trying

Can u define what is KOSHISH (कोशिश) ?

Many people say there is nothing like trying, either you can do it or not.

If u want to do it, you can do it, otherwise Koshish is just an excuse.

This comment really made me think

Is koshish only a philosophy? How?

I think "Koshish" is a process to achieve a goal which is over and above a person's "Ability and Power"

Because, there lies a question, whether we can do it or not?

When there is fear that we can not do it, there comes the philosophy of "trying" before giving up.

कोशिश एक प्रयत्न है वो करने का जो हमारी शक्ति और समर्थ से परे है,

कोशिश एक डोर है उम्मीद और नउमीदी के बीच में,

कोशिश एक आशा है कामयाबी और नाकामयाबी के बीच में,

कोशिश, हिम्मत है निराशा को आशा में बदलने की |

A middle class Indian can well define "Koshish"

Because, foundation of a Middle class family lies in Keep trying to achieve what is out of their league .

Who fight every day for their basic requirements and still hope for a better tomorrow and keep trying to work for it.

Actually koshish is a process to increase our Ability and Power towards our Goal.

Once we achieve our goal then again the goal shifts itself to a higher degree,

Where again you need to work to increase your strength and stamina.

Think of a runner up in a 1000 mt. race who lost with just a few seconds.

Does it mean he hadn't put his effort to it , if no then what is the reason of his failure?

How one will console him? Keep trying, don't lose hope, next time you will win,

And he will stand up with new hope and work hard to increase his stamina for another few seconds,

Thus his journey from this race to next race carried by KOSHISH means keep trying.

I believe that every thing in this world lies in Hope and Keep trying.

If Koshish will not be there then every body will jump into a decision, " I can do it or I can't do it"

There will be no rewards for Hard work, Honesty, sufferings to achieve etc. and achievements will not be important as they are with the philosophy of Koshish.

Imagine the world without Koshish, there will be,

No hardwork,

No sufferings to achieve,

No importance of Achievements,

No faliure ,

No Learnings,

Thus no refinement of skills.

Which leads to no improvements,

And the world will get stagnant.

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