Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Replica of a Lotus

Lotus - a beautiful flower , whose habitat is mud and water, it grow in it, flourish in it. But still untouched by them. Don't allow single drop of them to stick on it.

Even the sweet fragnances of the rich Pink flower have no smell of Mud and water.

I feel my angel is like, "Replica of a Lotus"

Smiling with the freshness of morning dew,

Standing proudly as winner on the shoulders of the world which is like "MUD" which Smells bad, Looks bad, One who get into it will be pulled in by all the evils, who have control of it.

My Angel, looking down with giggle at the World saying -

"You have made everybody as bad as you are, but look at me, I took birth between you, but u can not even touch me."

My freshness, innocence and selfless love is like drop of Elixir (अमृत) of life to those who are

So tired of Life,

Lost hope of justice,

Unaware of the new birth of the rays of goodness.

This world is a beautiful place, trust me!

Always a single ray of hope have the power of shattering the darkness of shrewdness and selfishness .

So, don't lose hope.

I am within you, Look at me.

When I look at her, all my worries run away, and I feel that a my heart whisper in my ears,

Wow! She is so pure,

So gentle,

The velvety touch,

The sparkling eyes,

The smiling lips,

Ah! It seems she is holding your hand and taking you for a walk on the clouds in her country.

She says in her wordless speech,

Mom! Why are u looking at me surprisingly?

I am a part of you, came back, so you live you childhood once again in me,

I am taking you on the tour, how you were in your childhood,

I came in your world, so that you should not be lost in this mud,

Look at me, "I AM YOUR RAY OF HOPE"

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  1. Awsomely crafted, so well narated the sequence of love in the world of hopelessness. I read it and read again..its simply touching....i liked every word of it...ummmm i swear its wonderful...