Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kagaz aur Kalam - Best friends

There are millions and millions of books, literature and vedas. They take us to the glorious past and astonishing future in imagination with there words.

What inspire a person to write something?

What make a person to pick a pen and paint the picture in imagination with there powerful words?

"WORDS" the best way to express. Everybody can not Paint. But everybody can write Like I do.

I think in everybody's life there is something which is inspiring, which makes him think and think, When these thoughts take control over him, the person starts putting things on words. To relieve oneself from the burden of thinking.

Actually, I feel that way.

I write,

When I get extremely happy,

When I get extremely sad,

When I am proud of being a mother,

When I get irritated,

When I get sarcastic, that I know, if I will not relieve my self, I will hurt someone.

When there is fight of thoughts in my mind, Mind becomes the land of war. And the two forces are Positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Mind which work with a steady speed, all of a sudden starts running like a speed racer car. To gain lost control over it I put my thoughts in words.

Why so? Why only write and not speak?

Because when u speak u need a patient listener, who understand your thoughts and feelings the same way as they are in your heart, who have faith in you. But this is impossible. At that moment, only pen and paper posses all the qualities of best friends

A best friend, who understand what is bothering you,

Who listen to you and not question you,

Who understands you better that you do your self

Who take all your worries and let you take sound sleep and restful days,

Who keep all your secrets in it and never utter a word.

Isn't Kagaz and Kalam are the best friends of everybody.

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