Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is it Love?

Everybody face this question in life. Some at early age in surprising way and some at later in a Complaning way.

Is it Love? Or Am I in Love?

What can be the answer for this question?

So amazed na, there are only questions but what about the answer? Who can answer this?

At a moment of time a person feel that this person will stand by my side for all up and down but……?

It means the love is over?

Or means the expectations were too high?

Or the feeling was infratuation which was mistaken as Love?

At times love use to be at first sight. When a person so impressed by the appearance of other , the positive energy of that person attracts other, that person perfectly fits on the image of the beloved. Love is all around. But this love is actually a pure feeling or just attraction or infratuation?

There is a different kind of love, in which a person does not get attracted by the appearance but by the qualities, goodness, thoughts and acts. This is a mature love. Love which is not blind but have wide eyes open. So very taken away by the thoughts of that person. Want to live with that person and die with him.

But do love stands forever?

I heard people saying, I am not in love anymore. How this can happen? If Love can be changed with the requirements and willingness of a person then it is trade as well. Where is the purity?

Instead, I feel in today's world, when a person feels that, this person can keep me happy for my whole life," It is LOVE",

And when one feels that, I can't be happy anymore, Love is gone. Love had changed its definition with the passage of time.

But the truth is, Love is a feeling that’s it.

A feeling without any expectation, requirement, free from all the mean thoughts.

And when there are questions of return, then one should revalue, Is It Love?

May be, Answer of the questions lies in one's heart only.

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