Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankyou "GOD"

Every body was amazed by her beautifully carves Features. She is Pink in color, wide eyes, Little lips, round face, chubby checks, soft hairs, long hands with artistic fingers, beautiful long legs with a little but beautifully shaped toes and wonderful nails. Her feature assure that she is having a perfect figure.

Oh! She is extraordinarily attractive with slender body and perfect curves. I can imagine a young and beautiful women in front of me.

Is it a imagination or really I have a fairy in my hands?

She remind me of the cartoon fairy, I use to watch with full appreciation of her wide and innocent eyes with blue sea in it, But my angel have black clouds in her eyes which makes her look more deepen.

I am surprised, do every mother feels the same for her baby. I doubt, do I have appreciated my baby as much as I do now, if she would have been a boy?

My mom yelled at me, do not look at your baby like this, Your gaze will give her bad spell and make her sick.

Can it happen? Can a mothers gaze to her child with love cause a bad spell?

Old people say so, Maa ki nazar lag jati hai.

Please, but I can't stop admiring her.

Thankyou GOD for giving me a girl.

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