Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Now a days i started feeling fear atsome corner of my heart all the time.
Life taught me enough that "One get what he deserve not less than that not more than that" this is the ultimate truth of life.
But we keep on fighting for betterment,
We keep on fighting to make life good,
To achieve all our dreams,
To accomplish what want,
But we reach there, there starts a "fear of losing"
Losing the loved ones,
Fear that anything can happens,
Each and every moment trying to get over it.
Now I realise how brave the womens are who sen their son or husband to war.
May be I am getting a little over protective.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Q & Happiness

Sometimes I found a strong correlation between questions and Happiness.

It feels like when there are clouds of sorrow there are so many questions.

Where as when there is light of happiness everything seems perfect.

No flaws, No worries, No tension.

But occassionally light fades and again come the clouds of sorrow waiting for a ray
of hope to clear those clouds and bring in the light of happiness.

This is Life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sometimes I dont understand what is this all for?
Why we run all the time behind "MATERIAL THINGS"?
Why is this "Greed"?
OR why it is always that we have everything we need, but not what we want?
Even if that is not so big, may be just emotions, no money need to buy that.

Why always there is something which human complain?
Why we always lack something to make others happy?
Why we always complain even after others put all the efforts they can, to make us happy?
May be because we evaluate others from our eyes and others always do what they think is right rather than finding out what their loved ones want?
What make that person happy?

The whole emotional drama is for happiness,
We put efforts everyday but remain unsuccessful.
I think te whole game is of
BUT, all one gets is criticism for NOT being
Is this true? if everyone carves for the same?
Questions are so much and answer are none.