Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankyou "GOD"

Every body was amazed by her beautifully carves Features. She is Pink in color, wide eyes, Little lips, round face, chubby checks, soft hairs, long hands with artistic fingers, beautiful long legs with a little but beautifully shaped toes and wonderful nails. Her feature assure that she is having a perfect figure.

Oh! She is extraordinarily attractive with slender body and perfect curves. I can imagine a young and beautiful women in front of me.

Is it a imagination or really I have a fairy in my hands?

She remind me of the cartoon fairy, I use to watch with full appreciation of her wide and innocent eyes with blue sea in it, But my angel have black clouds in her eyes which makes her look more deepen.

I am surprised, do every mother feels the same for her baby. I doubt, do I have appreciated my baby as much as I do now, if she would have been a boy?

My mom yelled at me, do not look at your baby like this, Your gaze will give her bad spell and make her sick.

Can it happen? Can a mothers gaze to her child with love cause a bad spell?

Old people say so, Maa ki nazar lag jati hai.

Please, but I can't stop admiring her.

Thankyou GOD for giving me a girl.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Dhayan" The source of Positive Energy


What is it? How to practice it?

Good Question. But answer is as simple as the Question.

It is actually sitting silently and concentrating your energy, thoughts and soul in between eyebrows.

It is assumed in Indian vedas that soul resides there.

When you feel every thing is negative or not right.

Sit silently in Sukhasan i.e. comfortable posture, practice dhayan facing East.

When you close your eyes and try to concentrate, after 10 seconds ,you will feel as things, be it good or bad are going on in your memory like a motion picture.

But try to push negative thoughts away as you push Bad guys away from your home.

Body is the home of soul.

Your positive energy will come in and you will feel a light covering your surrounding.

Body will feel lighter as if conquered the Gravitational Force.

You will feel light hearted and find a way to come out of your problem.

Mind with Anger, restlessness etc., can never suggest the right answer.

Instead a cool, calm and mind full of positive energy will give the correct answer to every problem.

Let the Positive Energy flow in.

Life is not like a movie where there is a written happy ending. Instead life is a sum of so many movies Where we have to give it a happy ending.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is Love

What is Love?

I always wonder what is the meaning of love for a person? Basically, it differs from person to person as per their experience in life and age.
But I think love is not one feeling but a cluster of feelings for someone. That,
1. When one feel attracted to some one for some reason,
2. When one feels that, time flew away with that person,
3. When one feels that, Life will be easy with that person,
4. When one feels that, your heart is as light as a ballon to go high in the company of that person,
5. When one feels that, all worries, tensions, sadness are unknowingly taken away by that person,
6. When one feels that, If, I will jump from the height and that person will not let me fall down and break my bones,
7. When one feels that, I can really on that person for whole of my life,
8. When one feels that, only that person can keep my heart happy even in odd times.
9. When that person makes you feel proud.

Why so many criteria? But, lets think once more about the answer of this:
1. A pretty damsel or a handsome hunk you think about,
2. Best Friend
3. A counselor
4. Motivator
5. Parents
6. Teacher
7. Family
8. Spouse
9. Kids

What when u get all the feelings for one person?
Believe me its real love.
And, the conclusion is that you love all the 9 important persons of your life.
So be in LOVE for ever.