Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is Love

What is Love?

I always wonder what is the meaning of love for a person? Basically, it differs from person to person as per their experience in life and age.
But I think love is not one feeling but a cluster of feelings for someone. That,
1. When one feel attracted to some one for some reason,
2. When one feels that, time flew away with that person,
3. When one feels that, Life will be easy with that person,
4. When one feels that, your heart is as light as a ballon to go high in the company of that person,
5. When one feels that, all worries, tensions, sadness are unknowingly taken away by that person,
6. When one feels that, If, I will jump from the height and that person will not let me fall down and break my bones,
7. When one feels that, I can really on that person for whole of my life,
8. When one feels that, only that person can keep my heart happy even in odd times.
9. When that person makes you feel proud.

Why so many criteria? But, lets think once more about the answer of this:
1. A pretty damsel or a handsome hunk you think about,
2. Best Friend
3. A counselor
4. Motivator
5. Parents
6. Teacher
7. Family
8. Spouse
9. Kids

What when u get all the feelings for one person?
Believe me its real love.
And, the conclusion is that you love all the 9 important persons of your life.
So be in LOVE for ever.

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