Thursday, July 16, 2009


The moment she was born, I was lying on the operation table, unable to feel anything, I was consious but my body was unconsious. Dont know what the doctors was doing. they were talking with me and i heard a sharp voice of crying. I was surprised, the baby took birth! I had a mixed feeling of surprise and happiness, dont know what to say. I didnt go through any pain, I have heard that a baby is like pure gold purified by the fire of lifethreatning pain and with the baby, mother take a rebirth. But i didnt felt anything, I thought do i will able to love her as much as other mothers love there child. I didnt asked the doctor whether its girl or boy because i knew, i have a baby girl. After an hour i saw her. She was a pink wax doll, round face, large eyes, sharp nose, little pink lips, long legs, hands with lonf fingers and long sharp nails as if she just got filled. I was amazed looking at her. I never saw a child as beaytiful as she was. I got a baby doll.

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