Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are You Newly Engaged?

Surprised? Why this lady always have Quesiton?

Because Life is a search for answer of Questions, So many questions.

So, here comes the next.

Actually right now there are newly engaged couples around me.

Living in the clouds of dreams,

So happy,

So much in Love,

It seems as if made for each other,

Can see only good things.

As if , were waiting for so many births to meet each other.


Have you ever thought, why the heart felt that way after engagement?

The Heart, which always waiting for true love, all of sudden feel like the search is over, as if the picture of the beloved is complete now.

Heart, which is like a "wild horse", unable to control, free, strong, want to wander as per his own will, whom more you want to control, more it will rebel.

Heart, whose nature is rebeltion, When there use to be restriction, that time also it can't be controlled, then, think what happen when the wild horse is free.


It will get crazzzzy with happiness,

Run in any direction without restriction,

Will talk with air and clouds, unable to land on Earth.

Keep on running till unable to give sufficient air to the lungs.

It is same with the Heart.

But hold on!

Don't let it run till its last breath, otherwise Life and marriage will lose its charm.

Let it pick up speed, but with steadiness, so the horse can run long race and not a short one.

Keep mind open with heart because heart won't have mind.


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