Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daughter a things associated with Name and Fame?

In Indian society, we always watch the same scene as in the serial -"12/24 Karol Bagh"

Daughter ready to sacrifice , actually not ready instead she scarifies her feelings, emotions and happiness for the sake of family, which she thinks is her duty because they gave birth to her, bring her up and so she owe them, Do the boy thinks the same?

Since childhood, Parents put in her mind that,

" WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH"(शायद सच)

You are the replica of godess (most of the case "Laxmi"- यहाँ भी स्वार्थ!!!)

Its only your happiness which we are concerned about and nothing else is important in our life. (Really?)

But we request you one thing, please never do any such thing which will be a dark spot in our name and fame. (अब आया ऊँठ पहाड़ के नीचे)
Otherwise we will die.
अहसानों के नीचे दब गयी बेचारी)

If anything happen which is against families name and fame, What about your younger brother and sister future? (emotional Blackmailing)

And it really works. The daughter shoulder the burden of carrying name and fame of the family.

But I never understood, whether parents are worried about their daughters Life and Happiness or their prestige. Because if they care for daughters wishes then never ask her to give sacrifices, and if they concern about their prestige ask them to sacrifice their daughter's life then where is the LOVE?

GOD!!! What parents really want?

May be the return to give life her life, bringing her up, educating her and then marrying her.

There is one more question in my mind, If everything is given by them, what about the Karma chakra which says everyone gets everything because of its own fate?

I think parents must think once again what they have given to their daughter and in return what they are asking for, at the same time compare it with a boy' s thinking and what they put in his mind.

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