Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Friend

Friendship, the most beautiful relationship between two person,

without the competition of give and take.

Without the feeling of mine,

Without the smell of meanness,

Without the touch of shrewdness.

Without the intention of return.

Everybody wants, there should be a person in Life,

Whose name comes first in the mind when u need someone.

Who is the person you can rely blindly

Whom you feel is the one who understand your feelings as they are,

Who have faith on you, that you are right,

Who won't question your intention because he know you well,

In front of whom you won't hesitate to speak your heart.

With whom you want to share each and every thing happened be it happiness or sorrow.

Who believe in you.

A person who raise his hand for help without thinking for a moment that what will be the result

When you are in a Quagmire(दलदल), he will give his hand for help knowing that my hand will get dirty and my cloths will get spotted with the mud. Even this quagmire can take him in it.

The quagmire of situations, emotions and conditions, which is worse than the quagmire of sand.

because the quagmire of sand will take life in one instance but this one will won't let the person die but keep on suffer.

The only person who can do this is the BEST FRIEND.

Think do you have such person in Life???

Thank God I have One.

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