Friday, December 24, 2010

Bribe or Warnig

It use to be normal practice of parents to either Bribe their children or warn them to do or not do something.

Hey!!!! I am not complaning.

I had always observed parents, to avoid the hazzels at particular time, they agree to what ever kids say be it choclate, toys etc. Is it right?

After sometime parents start complaing that kids don't listen to us.
Tell me who is reponsible for that.

A 3 month kid starts understanding things.

Initially, parents think they are young and understand with time, But kids start understanding how they can make parents do what they want and so is the result.

Instead we can understand what is the kids passion and use that as a tool.

so they will feel special instead of dejected, and also ur work go on.

I do the same but diffrently.

My kido love the song Azeemo shan sehansha.
She say it "chemo shan sehensha" and crazy for it (thanks to all the people.
I dont need to bribe her for choclates instead for the song that,
" if u obey me i will play the song",
" and if i need to warn, I will not play it"
Smart na.

And second colors

ya, that's correct, she loves coloring. so the second bribe is color book and colors.

So u must be thinking, "what a lucky mom!"

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