Thursday, January 6, 2011


As a grown up it is so easy to define.
But still to everybody it has different meaning.
some people think good looks is beauty,
for some beauty is fair color and long hairs,
for some beauty is being attractive even without sharp features or fair color,
for some, it is attitude.

But what a kid think of a beauty?

When i was a kid, and some one claim, she is beautiful.
I use to stare that girl and try to find out, what is beauty?
she also have two eyea, one nose, two ears etc.
What is so diffrent, to be beautiful?
i use to ask everybody what does beautiful means.

even now some times i dont understand, What does beauty mean to a particular person.

But i think it is more depend on liking to someone, their nature, their behavior to others, their attitude to carry themselves etc.
Does good looks, fair color and slim figure is beauty?

Oh god!!!!!!!!!

Still it is difficult to answer.

Can anyone help me????????

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