Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids and Manners!!! Possible?

Kids @#
Sometimes, at public place, they makes us feel as we had'nt taught them manners at all.
And sometimes, as if they are more mannered then us.
Something like that also happen with me. (Pity on me)

At the cake shop,
We bought pastries (she love it)
When we finished (she was not finished), I suggested lets move, and spontaneously she interupted,

Jhota chod kar jayenge kya? (as if complaning)
App to bole the na the jhota nahi chodte?

I was shocked! everybody was listening to her.
I replied, car mein finish kar lena?
she replied angrily (as if saying apko itna bhi nahi pata),
chalte chalte khana achi baat hoti hai kya?

I thought it is better to let her finish.

Then she noticed the empty cup in my hand and said,
"Mammy kachra dustbin mein dalthe hain. Apka hai na jao dal kar aoo."
I stood up angrily thinking, thanks for teaching me manners.

When she was stuffed, (1/4 th pastry was left)
She said, " mammy bacche cake nahi khate".

Every body end up laughing.
And I can't resist sharing it with you.