Monday, July 26, 2010

Three year old now

Kids !!!
Oh god !!
At times Amazing,
Other moment interesting,
The very next moment , sooooo irritating ( so many questions, sometimes, so logical but difficult to answer)
And then, suddenly so lovely and talkative,
Great Charmer,
Time just flew away with them.

I don't know about all the kids.
I think every parents feel that their kids are angels but by the age of three,
They end up yelling and punishing them all the time.
For sure I also yell and punish her but some time and not all.
She is three now .
Of course, she make noise, naughty and once promised, it must be fulfilled.
May be this is the reason she cooperate, because she knew,
She will get great rewards.

Always reward your kids for their good,
And sometime, let them have what they want ( chocolates, toys, etc.) with a smile(and without saying no apparently).
You will see a lovely smile on your kid's face which you always want to capture for ever.
You will be so fulfilled and wish, the moment should stop to live it to the fullest.
you will definitely see the long term effect of it.
Believe me!!
I experimented it.
It really works.

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