Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who is Strong?

I wonder why this society give preference to man.
His Dreams (what ever it is)
His feelings (Even is does no justice to others)
His thinking ( Even if it is incorrect)
But he is the leader, the only reason because he is strong.
" STRONG" - Really?
Does it mean emotional strength too?
I don't think so.
Because emotionally they are not as strong as a women.
Every time they need someone around them to share there problem and tensions.
Unlike a women who deals with her part of problems on her own and still ready to share the problems of the male community as much as she can, be, he is her father, brother, husband or a friend.
At the same time when she need their support, the same male community raise finger on her.
If she weakens on one of her duties, she get the sentence of incapable of fullfilling the responsibilities.
In most of cases a man so easily moves for another lady support.
Again he can't survive without support than how is he strong.
It is well said, " Behind every successful man there is a Women".
Also behind every successful women there is a man but in a negative way.

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