Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every religion speaks the same thing
Rewards or sufferings are the result of our own karma chakra.

I think it is true bcoz everybody's struggle, pain, suffering, rewards etc. are differrent from the other person, and karma Chakra can be the only reason for it. I don't think anything else can justify it.

But I wonder how this circle started?

Every religion and guru says about moksha as the ultimate goal of a soul. But I have another question, How a soul is formed?
When it got started?
How a soul got caught in the vicious circle of Karma Chakra?
What was the souls first act, when it steped in this circle?
Ultimate goal is moksha but, Where it came from?

I wonder who taught this world about that?

When I was a kid, I wonder how this earth formed?
Who were the firsts human being?
Although science answer that, but still there are some questions unanswered!!!

This Karma chakra so vicious and complex. A chakraview
Like Abhimanu, we know how to get in, But we need to be like Arjun,
we have to learn to come out of it too.

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