Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am Sorry

Today after a long time I came to my best friends - Kagaz n Kalam.

I know, both of you are angry at me.
I took a long break, but I am sorry, I was so busy.
But today I want to be with you again, because you are my true friends.
No body else understands me better than you do. Thanks and promise me to be with me always.

U know I don’t have a specific thought today to talk about with you.
Instead, so many thoughts flowing in my mind which I am unable to line up.
I know, this is bcoz both of you are punishing me for being with you after a long time.

Plz plz plz forgive me this time.
I can't forget how you have stand by me on my tough moment,
Promise me to be the same for ever.
Thank you

1 comment:

  1. Deepti

    There is a very famous hindi proverb,
    "Der aaye Durust aaye"

    Welcome back!!
    Now take care of your friends!!