Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aim of Life

Do you ever thought, What is the aim of a person's life?

Sometimes I wonder where are we heading ?

What we want?

What we want to achieve?


You must be thinking what rubbish!!!

I know what I want.

May be true.

But did u ever gave a thought what next, ONCE your aim if fullfilled?

According to you the answer is simple,

Let me achieve this first and then I will think next.

But wait a minute, give a thought to it………………..

What is aim of your life?

For an average Indian, education and a reputed job.

When that is achieved, what next?

For sometime a person get absorbed completely by his/her achievement.

But after sometime, the person want something more to carve for, so got married.

And now a completely new aim set, earn for family, make them happy.

But this won't seem enough, then again there is silence in life which need a baby to be filled with and life goes on like that.

I remember an episode of Alladin (cartoon series by disney), Where Alladin and princess came across a captain who travel in a cruise in the air, searching for a whale who have treasure in its body .

With great effort, they catch her. But then the captain realize that, to catch the whale is aim of his life. So he release her again, to give his life reason to live for.

In simple language, aim is the reason to live. Someone have big and other small.

But everybody have one, which is a reason in the form of blood in the body of Life.

So, what is your Aim? Be it small but have one.

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