Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The game of name - Pleasing

In the Marathon of Name, the torch of Pleasing is in the Hand.
A person, always trying to please eveybody around,
Try to be great by sacrificing his own happiness for the well being of other (Ridiculous),
Try to be superior by caring for other(Foolishness),
Try to be weight lifter by shouldering the burden of others(Rubbish).
But pleasing is like Whitewashing a house.
Untill you keep doing things what others like, people forget how much you sacrifice for them.
Like after a while there is a layer of dust settled at the wall, which again needs white washing.
It means in order to please others keep on putting the oil of sacrifices in the torch of Pleasing.
But in this Marathon, nobody ever won, sooner or later,
The participant is left tired in the Midway,
In complete darkness because the oil of the torch is exhausted completely,
In the utter suffering of loneliness and meanness of the peoples,
And the most amazing fact is that, peoples are those whom a person thinks are my whole world
At the end, a person combeled to think, "why I did all that?"
I read somewhere
" It is good to earn a bad name and live a good life than earn a good name and live a Bad life"
True na!!!

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